Vision Quest

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Vision Quest

Let’s start out with what we are, where we are, who, how, when and why we are… Here and Now. Our world IS at a crossroads. With the passing of 12/21/12 I have heard a lot less buzz about our destiny, fate, and condition. We are running on an old operating system. Our cycles of debt, the chasing of material, and the trappings of the 9-5 have led us down a path of disappointment.Yet, this is not meant to be a grave undertaking of  “the facts”. In fact I am intending to focus us towards a thriving and inspired life and world.

I have recently heard that it only takes 10% of a given population, committed to an idea, to make that idea a reality.

March of the Neutrinos


I have been realizing very strongly recently, that what we do, think and feel as individuals effects much more than we may at first imagine. That emotions, ideas and thoughts seem to be permeable to all organisms in the universal matrix. That what we feel on the inside has a sizeable impact on others and our environment->which in turn shape our worldview and belief systems-> which are the foundations to how we behave, feel, think-> which cycles back to effect our environment.

The cyclical nature of our existence is primary to what we experience personally, in our collective community and globally.

Keeping that in mind I am constantly reminded that what we focus on inside ourselves we will see in the physical world. This has much more far reaching effects than attempting to impose our will on the world to achieve success, material gain and/or fame. If we don’t keep in mind how it may effect others and our environment then our efforts are a vain attempt at a grab for happiness by way of some external achievement.

I know this is perhaps preaching to the choir a bit… My intent is to gain a new foothold in the climb to wholeness and balance on the planet by proliferation of a new paradigm of:

internal accountability, personal responsibility/power, global kinship, and service to others… based on none other than the generator of all positive emotion: Love

Through keeping a steady input of the new, we can  steer  the global course of our own history.

What else can I say other than I am honored, excited, pleased, grateful and above all happy to be alive at this very moment. 

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